Founding Principles:

We are a kinship that prides itself on helping others. Especially members of our own kinship. We have been known to stop along the way to assist wayward travelers unbidden without any expectation of gratitude or even acknowledgment. That's just the way we are. We will assist members of our Kinship whenever possible, however, bear in mind that even though you may need help other members of the kinship may not be available to you immediately. We shall endeavor to answer a kin-mate's request for help or at least attempt find help for them.

Telperion was started with the ideal No drama. One for all and all for one. That sort of thing. Causing drama  is not welcome in any way shape or form. We're here to enjoy ourselves.

The Big Three:

1. Have Fun
2. Respect others
3. No Whining


Code of Ethics:

All members of the The Light of Telperion will conduct themselves so that that they will never bring shame or dishonor upon the name of The Light of Telperion or any of it's members. All members of The Light of Telperion shall comply with all rules and codes put forth by Turbine concerning in game conduct, including, but not limited to: Power leveling, purchasing/selling in game items using real world currency, or offensive/intimidating/annoying behavior.



Loot rule in fellowships shall be agreed upon in advance. The default Loot Rule is Roll/Pass. If any member of The Light of Telperion either refuses to change the Loot Rule at the request of a simple majority of the fellowship the remaining members shall leave the fellowship and make the issue known to the Leader of the Kinship.


Nobody enjoys Whining, Bitching, and Moaning so don't do it.
Nobody enjoys being gossiped about or treated unkindly so don't do it.
Nobody enjoys being taken advantage of so don't do it.



Kinmates are not for making a profit from. It is understood that crafted items do require time, special craft items, and some times in-game monies to produce so a request for materials or some reasonable compensation is acceptable where bartering is not possible.


Addressing Issues:

Any issues that you wish to have addressed should be made known to an Officer as soon as possible in-game or e-mailed to an Officer.  We also fiercely defend and protect the members of our kinship from other players who may not have our member's best interest in mind.

Issues shall be resolved at the lowest level possible: ie. recruit/recruit; member/member; officer/officer. Unresolved issues shall be brought to the next level until resolution is achieved: ie. recruit/member; member/officer; officer/second, leader.Issues reaching the leader be dealt with in the manner the leader sees fit including temporary and/or permanent demotions: ie. Officer-->Member; Member-->Recruit; Recruit-->Non-Kin. The length of temporary demotions shall not exceed thirty calender days. Reinstatement to previous rank shall be agreed upon by the Officers. The Founder maintains the final word in any punitive action.

Officership shall be limited to one per account with the exception of the founding three which shall maintain multiples in order to conduct kin business at all times.

Evidence of Misconduct:

Chatlogs and screenshots are required. At least one screenshot should accompany any chatlogs. Screenshots are taken by pressing F11 by default. Chat Logs can be started and stopped by right-clicking the General tab on top of the chat window and selecting Chat Logging at the bottom of the pop-up window. Chat Capture can be taken the same way.



Every member of this kinship begins at the Recruit level. To be promoted to Member a recruit must make use of kin-chat (if we don't know you we won't promote you so get to know us) and comply with the Big Three above. A member will be promoted to Officer at the sole discretion of the Leader of the kinship. Typically Officers are those who exemplify the principals upon which this kinship was founded. Recommendations from, and the opinions of, Officers also play a role in promotions.


Chat Channels:

Kinship and Officer chat channels are not the place for personal arguements. Take it to tells.

Officer Chat is to be used for organizing aid for others, inquiries about problems (which includes odd and strange behavior by kin members), and planning for Kin fellowships and events. It is not a place for discussing the general behavior of other players (gossip) or things that could be discussed in the generalized Kinchat. If an officer has concerns about a player or Kin member it should be brought to the attention of the Leader.



Failure to have fun is an offense for which the ultimate penalty shall be imposed... boredom. Have fun!

It's why we are here.

Officer and Member responsibilites:


Kin Founder

- Monitors all.

- Has power of the Nuke/Veto, Live/Die buttons at his disposal.

- Has final say in all matters.

Kin Leader & Second

- Over sees any issues between Officers and issues that Officers cannot handle.


- Deals with issues involving other Kinships, ex. harrassment, gold farming.


- If a member causes trouble, Kin leader will talk to the Officer who recruited the member, Officer will then either talk to the member or expel the member from the Kin.


- Officers are selected for helping out the kin and going out of their way do what is right.


- Will be recommended by an Officer for promotion.


- Will be responsible for the recruits they enlist. Answer questions. Give assistance.


- Will have the responsibility of running missions with the recruit they enlisted to see if the recruit shall be a member.


- Will handle disagreements between members, if they can't handle the problem then the Kin Leader shall be notified of the situation and get involved.


- If there is a dispute between officers, then the kinship leader will get involved.


- Officers and above will be able to decorate the Kinship house and surrounding land.


- Recruits will be promoted to Members by the Officers


- Will be promoted to member if they are able to get along with the Kin and show a willingness to help out.

- For possible promotion to Officer, work hard and help out others and it will be noticed.

- Members and above will have access to the Kinship house chests.


- to be promoted to member, show a willingness to learn and get along with other Kin members and offer assistance when possible.

These rules and regulations are subject to change as required.

All Content provided by Robert Bochicchio